Cups and Balls

This DVD is an exploration of the worlds oldest trick with a mind altering twist. The cups and balls have been considered a standard classic in the history of magic, and little has changed since its earliest conception. “Three balls and three cups…” and you know the rest. However, what if you really had total control over the trick? At any point the ball will vanish and reappear as you want it. The ball would materialize and visually fall right out of an empty cup. Transpositions, vanishes, and penetrations done in an almost impromtu nature, with no need for a ridged script and sequential method. That’s the idea behind “Out of Sleight, Out of Mind”. A start clean, end clean presentation, and completely inspectable finish! This is not your great great great great great grandfathers cups and balls.

-Bonus full length interview with Bill Palmer of “The Cups and Balls Museum”. 1 hour in length, Bill delves into the rich history of the worlds oldest effect. We look at its beginnings, literature, and of course… the cups!

-Extra Bonus – how to build your own poker chip final load with “stuff” around the house.

Includes: Performance footage, extensive explaination from every angle, and gimmick (normally a $30-$50 dollar value alone!)

Originality for this method has been approved by Bill Palmer of the “Cups and Balls Museum” and Michael Ammar.


Q –  “Is there a gimmick?”
A – Yes. However, we provide the essential part (gimmick) for a limited time. Everything else needed will be something every cups and balls performer  most likely already has. If there are any questions other than “What is the essential gimmick?”, please feel free to use the “Contact” page.
Q – “How difficult is the trick to learn?”
A – The trick is actually easier than most professional routines but will take practice. Some of the moves can be considered self working, while others are going to take a bit of practice. The DVD has 3 explanations of the routine in order to make every single step and move exceptionally clear and easy to learn.
Q – “What about angles?”
A – Apart from the final loads, this routine is virtually angle proof. This is not an exaggeration.
Q – “Do you end clean?”
A – Not only do you end clean, but you can start clean as well! Everything is examinable before, after, and sometimes even during the performance.

$50.00 + S&H